The features that make InspectID Great

What it does

InspectID is designed to make your life and job easier. It is fast, easy, flexible and will allow you to compare your documents authenticity features the way you want and need to.

OCR MRZ Recognition

InspectID uses your phones camera to quickly scan all MRZ lines according to the ICAO 9303 standard.


InspectID can use your devices NFC capabilities to acces the contents of your documents RFID Chip.

Online Portals

InspectID show you the authenticity features of your document through various online portals.

InspectID OCR
Document information

InspectID can informatively show you the relevant information it gathers from scanning your documents.


InspectID can optionally show you anonymous statistical information on what you have scanned.

Verify Authenticity

You can compare the displayed features against your physical document to ensure it is an authentic document.